Glycerides – Esterified Acids

Glycerides – Esterified Acids

MOLI M Product Line consists of glycerides that are formed by combining different organic acids with glycerol using a method developed by our engineers and field proven by our technicians 

Molimen has been one of the first companies to introduce this technology and made it available to the market  

The main characteristic of this line is to turn a corrosive, volatile and dangerous material (acids) into non-corrosive, non-volatile and safe material (glycerides). Glycerides have the advantage of being active from feed to feces and in blood stream, unlike acids that are only active in feed and first part of stomach

Some of these products can be administered via water as they are water soluble


Moli M products suitable to reduce antibiotic usage and are thermostable (resistant to production temperatures), pH resistant, odorless, safe for workers and plant equipment 









  • Esterified formic acid
  • Potent antimicrobial active against:
    • Bacteria (G+ and G-)
    • Protozoa (Eimeria, Histomona, Isospora)
    • Viruses
    • Yeast and mold
  • Available in water dispersible form



  • Esterified MCFA in glyceride form
  • Active against G+ and G – bacteria
  • Recommended for antibiotic substitution programs 



  • Esterified lauric acid in monoglyceride form
  • Active against G+ bacteria
  • Very high monolaurin content to maximize efficacy



  • Esterified butyric acid in glyceride form
  • Intestinal health promoter
  • Intestinal source of energy
  • Potent antimicrobial



  • Esterified MCFA (capric and caprylic acids)
  • Maintains gut microbiota’s integrity and structure
  • Strong antibacterial effect
  • Improves productivity



  • Long chain fatty acids in monoglyceride form
  • High monoglyceride concentration
  • Wide multipurpose emulsifier application
  • Antifoaming agent for:
    • Milk replacers
    • Liquid feeds
    • Any liquid and paste feed preparation
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