Phospholipids, Lysophospholipids and Emulsifiers

Phospholipids, Lysophospholipids and Emulsifiers

MOLISTAR Product Line consists of physiological and technical emulsifier with excellent lysophospholipid (LPL), phospholipid (PL) formulation with superior flowability. These products help improve nutrient digestibility and bioavailability, thus contributing to feed cost reduction

Digestion/absorption has become an extraordinary challenge in today’s more demanding animal production systems

MOLISTAR is an optimal solution as it is a very effective tool in dealing with these challenges. It benefits from Molimen’s production technology. Our emulsifier line improves feed conditioning, digestion, absorption and intestinal functioning

Molimen will help you to implement different strategies in your formulation to reduce formula costs

MOLISTAR Product Line has different products to respond and adapt to different feed formulations with strong emulsifying power and superior flowability

Molistar product line has different products to fulfill all production scenarios and needs. Molimen helps you to implement different strategies in your formulation and reduce formula costs 







  • Blend of highly purified Phospholipids and Lysophospholipids
  • Very high phospholipid content
  • Strong emulsifying power
  • Superior flowability
  • Improves nutrient digestion and absorption
  • Helps reduce feed cost
  • Promotes intestinal health



  • Optimal blend of activated phospholipids and lysophospholipids
  • Very flowable
  • Formulated for low inclusion rate
  • Improves nutrient digestion and absorption
  • Reduces formula cost



  • Ideal mix of phospholipids and lysophospholipids
  • Technical and physiological emulsifier
  • Highly dispersible in water and milk
  • Recommended for milk replacers and liquid feeds



  • Very high lysophospholipid content
  • Balanced lysophospholipid blend
  • Very flowable
  • Formulated for very low inclusion rate
  • Helps reduce feed costs
  • Improves nutrient digestion and absorption
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